Socialist Modernist Architecture. Yerevan, Armenia

“Let’s Go to the Stars,” created with support from Urvakan, an international festival of contemporary culture and new musical forms, which took place May 3-5 2019 in Yerevan, Armenia “Urvakan” in Armenian translates to “spirit" or “ghost.” The Armenian dancers, models and athletes who participated in this photo project symbolize the spirit and sentiment of the building they stand next to. More than anything I wanted to display the dynamics of the forms and the uniqueness and boldness of the methods used by Soviet Armenian architects. The project is designed to call the viewer’s attention to the late-Soviet legacy, which until recently seemed an inhuman eyesore. Socialist modernism has today become an important component cultural identity. After all, a large part of Armenia was constructed with modernist architecture. Industrial cities, huge residential areas, factories - the country has yet to implement a project of the same scale since the breakup of the USSR. As the author of this piece, I wanted to call on people who live in post-Soviet countries not to reject the fundamentals of the history of art and learn to differentiate the history of art from political history.