Halbmond Factory, Oelsnitz, Germany

I wanted to share my impressions with you of a place I visited in Oelsnitz, Germany. It’s a factory called Halbmond (half-moon), which has been producing carpets since 1880. People say the used to have around 3,000 workers. It was the largest employer in Oelsnitz and the whole neighborhood was full of businesses. After the wall came down, many factories were closed, as you know, because they could not compete in the capitalist system. There are only a handful of offices still working now.
While walking there I felt like I was on the set of a horror film. There is a room where water drips through the ceiling after it rains, workers’ jackets still hang on hooks set in a crumbling wall, the list of their names surrounded by mildew…the roof has come loose in some rooms, and in others – it’s already caved in.
I’m still afraid of the monsters under my bed, but there was such a beautiful and awful poetic atmosphere that I had to see it all! It’s an a to photograph, shoot a movie, or just get inspired.
Great changes in the world always require great efforts in order to restore what has changed. Let’s learn to preserve what was once valuable to us.
P.S. Don’t miss this place if you happen to be passing by, but please…be careful.